Free Python Project Workshop

Free Python Project Workshop

(Hands on Training)

Why Free Workshop?

As soon as you see this notification, you may suspect that there are some hidden commercials or conditions. Logically, you may be correct, but not in this case.

The basic objectives of offering these Free Workshops are entirely different. Our system is aimed at empowering Software Career Aspirant Students and Graduates to clear their last hurdles in the placement process. In detail, many students even though they are good at their academics, fail to clear technical and interview rounds in the Placement process. We have developed an ultimate solution to address this problem. This is not possible by theoretical explanations. Only Project Workshops enable students acquire necessary Coding skills and Subject-Oriented Communication. That is the reason, we have decided to offer these Free Workshops.

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Next FREE PYTHON WORKSHOP dates will be announced after removal of lockdown restrictions.

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FREE Workshop at your Institution

We also offer Free Python OneDayWonder Project Workshop at your Institution premises subject to the following Terms and Conditions :

  1. Students must be Software Career aspirants, regardless of the Stream of Study. Since this is the ZeroBased Training, it makes no difference in our approach.

  2. The Strength of the Batch should be minimum 50, and ideal maximum strength is 60.

  3. If you want hands on training for the Workshop, you must organize the Lab, with Python installed computers.

  4. If your institution is situated outside Bangalore, you need to bear the expenses relating to the visit.

  5. The duration of workshop is 6 to 7 Hours.

For more details drop a mail to

Workshop Benefits

Students can derive number of advantages through these Workshops as described below:

  1. One-Day Wonder Python Workshop
    Regardless of your Programming background and Stream of Study, this One-Day workshop enables you to write Solid Python Programs formally, with the corresponding conceptual understanding, and experience a programming wonder.
  2. True Career-Oriented Programming Studies
    These Workshops enable you to understand the True Career-Oriented Programming Studies to enrich your employability for a Software Job, practically. Nobody can explain this procedure theoretically.
  3. Free Lancing Preparation - US Universities Model
    The Underlying principle is 'Only after, thorough preparation, Write the exam'.We are introducing Hybrid -Model of Training (combination of Class Room and Online Training) which helps to adopt the Free-Lancing studies, which is perfectly suitable for customization.
  4. Improving your Coding Skills Smartly
    We have developed several tools and techniques for improving your Coding skills. They help you a lot to clear the Technical rounds of Placement process.
  5. Subject - Oriented Communication Skills
    We also developed several techniques to improve your Subject-Oriented Communication Skills, which helps you a lot in Job Interviews
  6. Python as the Gateway for your Software Career
    If you Choose Core Python (specially segmented and named by us) as the gateway for your Career-Oriented Preparation, you will realize that it is refreshing, smart, easy, interesting and Career-assuring.
    Even though many other Objectives are there, I put an end to this list.


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