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This page addresses Generic FAQs related to the Employability, Skills, System, Training, Books etc... For FAQs related to CareerSURE Finishing Program and ELMS please refer to respective pages.

List of Questions

In order to develop the True Generic System, we have incorporated 18 Attributes in this system namely , Zero-based , Single-window , Online , Finishing, Simplified, Student-friendly , Self-Mastering , Self-motivating ,Doubt-free , Application-oriented ,International Standards, Effective Monitoring ,Test &Trust approach ,In-home , Short-term, Free of Cost ,International Certifications and Placement assurance.

This list is not at all for window-dressing - if you want to experience the same , just devote 2 Days on our Zero-based C Workshop and see the result .
Employability refers a person's Knowledge, Skills and Abilities to acquire an Employement and maintain it. Software Industy has its own unique Employability criteria.

Unfortunately, according to the National Employability Report (NER) 2014, only 3% of the Engineering graduates of the Indian Universities (of 2014)are employable in the Software Product Development Industry. Of course, the figure may not be much different for other years.

Refer to National Employability Report (NER) - 2014- Link : Employability Report

Our CareerSURE program addressing this issue effectively and providing end-to-end solution by offering all the services through a Single window absolutely free of cost.
Software Industry is facing severe problem in finding right candidates (Employability Crisis), even though lakhs of qualified candidates are available. Through our Single-window system, we addressing this problem and offering A2Z services to all the Software career aspirants to improve their employability and become a right candidate for the Industry. We do not expect any back-ground knowledge programming from the students, and this is purely the scratch to end training. We are promoting Ekalavya system of mastering subjects, which is very much suitable for the Software developers. We place the resumes of the candidates, who passed the Finishing course as well as the Interview, conducted by us, on our Career Zone, which is a Free and Open platform for choosing the Right Candidates by the employers.
At present, we are providing 3 types of Books:
  1. e-Book (Electronic Book) : This is an Electronic version of a printed book, that can be read on a Computer or a Tab.
  2. v-Book (Video-Book) : Text Book + Video Lectures on all concepts in the form of DVDs around 50 hours for each book.
  3. h-Book (Hybrid Book) : This book has combined features of e-book and the corresponding online video lectures (without DVDs). On Vimeo You may purchase any type of book, according to your convenience. However, you can get our free services, for all the 3 types of books equally.
In order to master a subject, especially Programming Languages, you must study them in 3 levels:
  1. 1-D Study: (One Dimensional Study): 1-D Study means studying every concept in the subject, and own every concept. No important and unimportant grading should be done. Illustratively, a programming language is like a Toolkit, and each concept is like a tool. Is there any unimportant tool in a toolkit. Note that every tool in a toolkit has its role to play; in absence of it we are handicapped to perform a task.
  2. 2-D Study: (Two-Dimensional Study) Not only studying all concepts, but also we must study each and every concept in depth; functionalities, limitations, intricacies etc.
    This study is possible only by Certification tests developed using international standards. As this is a Horizontal (all concepts) and Vertical (every concept in depth) study, this is named as 2-D study.
  3. 3-D Study: Three- dimensional study means, developing projects using a set of corresponding set of concepts. This is the ultimate study, which develops you as a professional in that domain.
Even though, this S-CET covers only 20% of the entire finishing program, we are providing you 3-D study. Experience the 3-D study and its advantages, on your own.


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