Free Java Placement Preparation Workshop

For 2020 B.E / B.Tech (CS & IS) and M.C.A Freshers

Be JOB Ready in 2 Weeks (4th November to 17th November)

Why Separate Placement Preparation Workshop?

It is observed that many freshers are facing difficulty in clearing screening tests and interviews. Even though they have good knowledge of theory, they are not able to clear the tests or interviews because of lack of implementation knowledge and proper preparation for the interviews.

This workshop is designed to help freshers clear their last hurdle in securing their first job.
In this workshop we prepare the freshers in all aspects to enable them clear tests and interviews. 

How We Train?

The Training focuses on the following aspects to prepare the freshers for placement:


In Depth coverage of the concepts by senior faculty with project development experience


Implementation practice with the help of programs on every concept and project for each module

Test Preparation

Screening Test preparation using practice tests on our online platform on all the technologies

Interview Preparation

Interview preparation with the help of group interviews and mock interviews

Please view the Schedule Section for complete details of topics covered, projects, tests etc..

Eligibility Criteria


  1. B.E/B.Tech CS/IS or M.C.A Graduates passed out in 2020
  2. Above 60% Marks in Degree
  3. Knowledge of Java is mandatory. Preference is given for those who know JavaEE
  4. Must possess a laptop
  5. Must clear Java Screening test conducted at our premises

Screening Test

The screening test is conducted to check the basic understanding of Java and related technologies which are mandatory for Java Jobs. Without basic knowledge it will be very difficult to follow the in-depth training in the workshop.

We do not expect expertise but basic understanding of the technologies.

Schedule and Location

The screening test will be conducted from 28th October to 3rd November from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM at our premises.
Ekalavya Universys
6th Floor - D Block, Chitrapur Bhavan, 15th Cross, 8th Main, Malleshwaram, Bengaluru 560055

For more details contact us on Mobile: 9900022448 or Email:

Schedule and Content Details

  • Recap of Core Java

    In this module Core Java concepts will be explained in-depth along with implementation examples.

    • Introduction to Java Platform
    • Programming Fundamentals
    • Object Oriented Programming
    • Strings and Arrays
    • Exception Handling
    • Placement Test Examples

    At the end of module a Sample Project will be demonstrated in the classroom. A similar project is assigned to each fresher which has to be implemented by them the next day.

  • Core Java Project
    Java Project

    A simple Core Java Project has to be developed by the fresher, in the same lines as was demonstrated at the end of the core java session.

    The project covers all the concepts of the core java. This will help the fresher understand the usage of the concepts in the real-time projects.

    Uses Arrays for storing the objects.

    This project prepares the fresher for developing bigger projects.

  • Recap of Advanced Java

    This module covers the essential topics of advanced java along with introduction to database (MySQL) and JDBC.

    • Java IO
    • Collections
    • Introduction to Multithreading
    • Introduction to RDBMS
    • CRUD Operations and Joins
    • JDBC

    At the end of the module an Advanced Java Project will be demonstrated in the session. This project will extend the Core Java Project developed in the previous module. 

  • Advanced Java Project
    Advanced Java Project

    Advanced Java Project extends the Core Java Project developed in the previous module.

    This project will be developed in 2 versions. 

    The First version implements extending the core java project by replacing the Arrays with Collections and stores the date to files.

    The Second version (JDBC) stores the data (objects) to MySQL database.

  • Recap of Web Technologies and JavaEE

    This module covers all the topics required for developing the front end of a web application.

    • Introduction to Web Technologies
    • HTML
    • CSS & Bootstrap
    • Introduction to JavaScript
    • Introduction to JavaEE
    • Servlets
    • JSP (Java Server Pages)
    • Application Development using MVC

    At the end of the module a JavaEE Project will be demonstrated in the session. This project will extend (adds User Interface) the Advanced Java Project developed in the previous module .

  • JavaEE Project
    JavaEE Project

    JavaEE Project extends the earlier developed Advanced Java Project (JDBC version) by providing Web Frontend using JavaEE.

    This project will be developed using MVC Model.

    All the functionality required for a standard web applications like Registration, Login, Data Tasks (Adding, Modifying, Updating, Deleting etc...), Reports, Admin Functionality are added.

    JavaEE Project can be added to the resume of the fresher to showcase their skills to the prospective employers.

  • Test and Interview Preparation

    Freshers will undergo intensive training on how to clear screening tests. They will take up multiple practise tests on out online platform. They will also be given access to other practice tests to write at home.

    Freshers will be mentored by our faculty on Interview Skills. They will be tutored on Interview Etiquette. Our faculty will also guide them on how to answer complex technical questions by demonstrating the same to them.

    Test Preparation
    Online Practice Tests

  • Mock Interviews
    Mock Interviews

    Group Interviews are conducted to improve the overall technical knowledge of the freshers and enhance their skill in answering complex questions. In these interviews every possible interview question will be asked. If freshers are not able to answer them appropriately, our faculty will train them by providing correct answers.

    Every fresher will undergo a one-on-one interview with our senior faculty to provide them first hand experience of facing technical and personal interviews.

    If needed additional interviews are conducted to improve the confidence of the freshers.


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