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About "C ALLCLEAR (2000)"

There have been numerous books published on the C language. Most of these however have been published in English. In vernacular languages like Telugu, there are very few books on C Language. This book "C ALLCLEAR" authored by Mr. Ravindra, definitely bridges this gap very effectively.

The endeavor and commitment behind the writing of this book are difficult to quantify. The book stands as an evidence for the author's command over computer knowledge as well as effective teaching style. The author has truly digested the philosophy of computers very well, transformed his knowledge into real life and offered an outstanding treatise. After reading this book one would realise great commitment, endeavour and creativity of the author.

This book is a treasure of innovations. I would only like to mention a few of its special features here.

First, the author's Style of writing and teaching. The book is written in a manner that enables even an average educated reader to grasp the subject very easily. The language is also simple, appealing and friendly. It is an amazing achievement to have presented a technical subject in Telugu in such an elagant way.

Secondly, the wholesomeness and completeness of this book. Not only the C language but also all relevant background required to digest the language and appropriate tools are included in the book to make it self-sufficient.

The thirdspeciality is the array of innovative methods followed in the book. Some of them include Spotlite-demo, breaking-point, C Islands, C-Shore, Titbits and Logic Land. These innovations make the grasping the subject a pleasing and thorough exercise.

Fourth, numerous C programs. The programs demonstrate the power of C language from all angles. These programs, instill self confidence and inspire readers to self learn in true EKALAVYA spirit.

The Fifthspeciality is the book explains complex issues using common idioms and a large number of down to earth illustrations and programs.

The Sixth one is the design, layout and getup of this book. The book carries numerous creative and attractive pictures, exemplifying "A picture is worth thousand words".

The book is indeed a panacea to those who have thirst for computer knowledge in general and the C language in particular; This book in my view, will surely live upto its name. The book is like a great tree which gives whatever we want (Kalpavriksham) and it has 30 branches, each branch has C concepts and foundations as its tender leaves and numerous programs as its flowers in full bloom. There is no doubt the fragrance of these flowers will indeed steal the hearts of one and all. My hearty congratulations and best wishes to Mr. Ravindra and his team of honey bees for this masterly creation.

Dr Y. NARAHARI, Professor, Computer Science & Automation, IISc., Bangalore

I have read with great interest "C ALLCLEAR". It is a very innovative attempt at teaching C language to beginners who have no back ground in computing. The Author has taken a step by step approach and guided the readers from the basic elements to advanced ideas in C programming. I found the book, interesting and useful. It is suitable for self-study. It is commendable that this publication is being translated into several Indian languages. That will greatly helps students in rural areas to participate in the information Technology revolution sweeping our country. I wish the author's success in this important endeavour.

Prof. V. RAJARAMAN, Coordinator - KBCS Project,Super Computer Education & Research Centre, IISc, Bangalore

About "Computer ALLCLEAR for ALL in 7 Days"

The book is not usual book on some aspect of computers written by engineers for engineering students. In a step-by-step way, the book introduces to the ordinary reader how to use the machine usefully. It recreates the learning experience of the author, who as on outsider to the realm of computers mastered the technology by an incredible amount of pains-taking study and collection of relevant information from diverse sources. The knowledge represented and transmitted through this text reflects his competence in this field. Every potential computer user will be benefited by a book of this type and I congratulate the author for conceiving this book.

About "C ALLCLEAR in 30 DAYS" (Junior Series Volume-1)

This books proves that one can become proficient in writing C programs on his own with the help of this books. For that, the student must have at least a small percentage of commitment, endeavour and practice of Ekalavya. This book shatters the impression of "Magic Machine" and explained ins and outs of a computer meticulously. This book follows integrated approach by proving five types of elements namely, Basics, logics, C language, Environment and Applications, which enable a reader to become proficient over the subject. This books proves its pledge that one can achieve mastery over C in 30 days. I feel that releasing this book in regional langauges is a commendable service to the student community.

Dr. VVS SARMA, Professor, Computer Science & Automation Dept., IISc., Bangalore

I have seen with keen interest the book on C language published by "ALLCLEAR" publications and written by Mr. Ravindra with inputs from several experts.

First and foremost, I am impressed by the ideal with which the book was written. The author is fired with the goal of making available computer literacy in order to empower people economically at a fraction of a cost charged by the expensive computer educational shops. And that aims at a huge majority of young students of India. Two things are basically needed to achieve this goal. Firstly, the book must be written in self help mode. Here the icon of Ekalvya chosen by the author is so very appropriate and the book is one of the best I have seen in self-help kinds. Secondly, the book must be available in vernacular languages, which is the medium of learning for most of Indian school children. Here, I am in total agreement with the author in retaining technical words and not translating them into unfamiliar and complex Sanskrit based words, and also to use common language to give simple and clear explanations. This policy improves understanding and also communication between students who learn in different languages. Apart from all this, the book has some special features.

  1. It is comprehensive and proves general back ground unlike other computer language books.
  2. It is modular and hence eminently suitable for learning in a programmed way and also useful to self-help learners who can gauge their progress.
  3. It proves excellent continuity from topic to topic, needing less of going back and forth. The author and his collaborators have a congratulated on their excellent effort.
Prof. K.S. GANDHI, Professor, Dept. of Chemical Engg. IISc. Bangalore

My sincere congratulations to Sri Ravindra for his fruitful efforts in making computer education easy and clear. In this knowledge era it is very easy to get lost in the information influx, Sri Ravindra has shown by his own example how one can succeed by Ekalavya method of learning and what kind of approach and attitude one should adopt for becoming Ekalavya.

I am surprised to know that for last 9 years he devoted his whole time and effort for this project. He himself learned hard way and such person can make things simpler to others. We have seen the marvellous results in cricket when the coach and players mainly focused on basics. In computer education many times, the focus is not on basics but on high learning.

I also feel these books show a way to many distance educational institutions, which supply sub standard study material for their learners. The kind of effort and time we need to spend for producing quality self-learning materials will be evident from Sri Ravindra's example.

The books give an enjoyable reading. Without your knowledge he gives you a study guide and the objectives you need to achieve. Sri Ravindra's achievement is remarkable since he has not studied any educational theories and his approach is a natural one unique to Ekalavya. The flow of language is good. He takes you from the known to unknown making you very comfortable in your learning.

It is also heartening to see that he entirely focussed on print medium rather than on multimedia. Many times the multi media are used for media sake and not from the learner point. The local examples, infest questions, the personalised style of language, positive affirmation as foot note are all in tune with self learning and which will make you feel the presence of hidden teacher before you.

The author made each series a stand-alone series. This ensures that the learner can take up for study any series independently. The modular approach he adopted builds confidence in the learner. After reading some chapters of the book I felt I could ask my daughter who is in 7th standard, to go through the book. By this I don't mean that the book is elementary. The focus on basics not only on subject matter but also on learning is the strong point. This can be a reference book for even professionals who want to refresh their basics.

Sri Ravindra and his "ALLCLEAR" learning systems should be complemented for keeping the price of the book low. I personally feel that in this era of information influse the focus should be on human element and such efforts should be taken in other fields also.

Dr.B.P.R.NARASIMHA RAO, Regional Director, IGNOU, Bangalore

This book is reader friendly in that it is specifically written for those with no previous knowledge of computers. It aims to introduce him to the fascinating world of computer applications in a readable and friendly way. The book is an attempt to present complicated information in simple terms and to bring it together at one place, the information that is generally found scattered at many sources and at higher technical levels. It is designed.

  1. As a self teaching manual for a reader who is curious and wishes to learn more about computers
  2. As a textbook for a student who is taking introductory computer course.
  3. As a supplement to more advanced users.
  4. For quick reference for a used who is already familiar with computers.
  5. As a reference source for teachers.

After going through this book, one will say that the subject is not incomprehensible computers are friends.

Dr. T.M. GEORGE, Principal, St.Xaviers College, THUMBA, Trivendrum

As soon as I saw the Mr. Ravindra's "C ALLCLEAR", I was surprised and after reading the book, really, I was very pleased and amazed.

The author even succeeded in explaining such complex concepts like, POINTERS in C in such an illustrative manner that those are understandable to everybody. This book is a great boon to those students mainly from rural India, who have sufficient enthusiasm to participate in I.T. revolution but who are unable to do so, because of their language barriers. The author made the book quite interesting and advantageous by introducing various commercial concepts and industrial events. The endeavour of the author in developing the book with the real life C programs beautiful quotations, elegant get-up, simple style and many more specialities, is outstanding. That was the reason for my pleasure and surprise. Really this is a commendable effort of Mr. Ravindra to bring out such books in the regional languages.

My hearty congratulations and best wishes to Mr. Ravindra and his team members.

Dr. RAJANIKANTH, Vice Principal, M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore

I really appreciate Mr. Ravindra's efforts in writing books in regional languages in order to make the books available for large number of people. Also his efforts will certainly help many not familiar with English to become computer literate. I wish him all the best in his efforts to promote computer literacy.

Dr. B. YEGANANARAYANA , Professor, Dept. of Computer Science &Engg., IIT Chennai

I have gone through to a good extent the book "C ALLCLEAR" by Mr. avindra. Mr. Ravindra does not have formal computer education. That has proved to be his plus point. he has tried to explain all the concepts in simple terms so that beginners' ion computer science and outsiders to computer science can easily follow the text. Thus the book is very well suited for anyone wanting to learn C language, form the basics to advanced topics. I understand the book is translated to Telugu, and shortly the Kannada version is to be release. I appreciate the sincere effort of Sri Ravindra in promoting computer literacy through his book.

Dr. UDAYA KUMAR, Head, Dept. of Computer Science &Engg., Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Bangalore

"C ALLCLEAR" by Mr. Ravindra and his team is an exceptionally simple and comprehensive book on C language for beginners. It starts with computer basics and moves on to fundamentals of C languages. Using modular approach, it introduced the readers to practical applications of C language, error and debugging, decision control statements, arrays, pointers, strings, structures and file management.

The mode of presentation is user friendly and instills self-confidence and encourages self-learning. To guide you through your learning, it proves spotlite-demos followed by comments and hints. Each chapter contains programmers with its output that guides you in acquiring practical skills.

As a student of MCA of IGNOU, I had enjoyed going through this book and greatly benefited in learning C language and its applications in various fields including accountancy, industrial and related areas.

Dr. M.S.PARTHASARATHI, Deputy Director, IGNOU, Chennai

It gives a great pleasure, to write the foreword for the book "C ALLCLEAR" authored by Mr. Ravindra, the developer of "Ekalavya Computer Self Mastering Series". The book reveals the rich experience of the author in disseminating the knowledge through simpler and layman's reach. A layman, who has the urge to learn, can assimilate easily the concepts of the book. The book will lead the self-studying student, analogous to concentration and self-determination lead Ekalavya in mastering archery. The rich knowledge about C programming language has propagated throughout the book through real world, indigenous examples. It has revealed the strong feeling of the author "Trifles make perfection, but perfection is not trifle". The book hones creative skills of the reader through the motivation and curiosity. Of course, one can only acquire the proficiency with dedicated hard work, devotion, sincerity and perseverance. This type of books instigate you in the direction which is evident from the well known Sanskrit slokha:

Dr. SIVANAND HANDIGUND, Vice Principal & Professor, Computer Science, AMC. Engg College, Bangalore

The book "C ALLCLEAR" by Ravindra gives a clear concept about C programming. Solved problems given in this textbook help the students to understand the logic of different programs. The language used in this book is simple to understand and very clear. This book can be used by students who appear for semister, i.e. IV to VII, of engineering.

Prof. KHALLIKKUNARI, Head, Dept. of Computer & Information Science, HKBK College of Engineering, Bangalore

It gives me great pleasure to go through the book entitled "C ALLCLEAR" authored by K. Ravindra

This book is the outcome of the considerable experience the author has in C language. The C language ranks it s importance as one of the first high-level languages at the dawn of the computer age.

This book could be effectively utilized for distance learning in engineering, education, R&D, to introduce technical education to rural areas, to develop independent study technique amount students, to overcome the problem of teaching aids, to create educational environment in the institution and the society and for kitchen table enthusiastic too.

At the outset, I say this book will be received by degree, diploma, AMIE students, practicing engineers and technicians alike.

JYOTI KOUJALAGI, Senior Lecturer Dept. of Electrical Engg., Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Bangalore

The book "C ALLCLEAR" guides the reader from the basics of computers programming in "C" in a wonderful way. The examples proved are verify simple and enables the reader to have a clear understanding of the concept. I appreciate the effort put forth by Mr. Ravindra for trying to bring out the book in so many vernacular languages and wish him all the best.

Prof. JAYASHREE NAIR, Head Dept of Computer Science, Acharya institute of Science & Management, Bangalore


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