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ultimate teaching style, very very deep explanation in simple way, we really need your kind of teacher to clear concepts, please keep sharing your valuable knowledge for other topics also.

Juned Ansari

sir its 3.27 am right now i have started watching ur lectures by 10.30 pm i have not got even a bit sleepy feeling such an hats off to u ravindra sir i have never listened to such a wonderful lecture in my life time .. since i have a exam on c++ tomorrow i juz thought of seeing some videos and i have just seen ur video for the first i will never ever forget the concepts of class and objects for my life time sir thank u so much...

Swathy chandrasesekaran

Great session sir !! I was very fortunate to watch this lecture. I am wondering why all these days I never come across this wonderful lecture. The problem here is the titles for the lectures are not catchy for all the videos. The viewers for the lecture are very less because no one knows these type of videos at least even exist. Generally people search the videos by sorting view count. Most of the time this type of videos comes on 5th page results. my advice is kindly change the title names and make it catchy. For suppose, if it is "Lecture 3 :"" in the beginning of the title and anyone searches for OOP concepts obviously it wont show in first page of YouTube search results. If any one watch any of your one lecture I bet they will completely watch all the videos.I can understand the efforts kept by you but I am worried that its not reaching the right people. If everyone came to know about these videos most of the coaching centers will be closed. There is a possibility that many third party sites and coaching centers may try to less popularize these videos because they might run out of business. In general many students or un-employees searches in YouTube like "how to learn java in 30 days", I bet they never came across your videos. Once they watch single lecture, they wont miss this enormous knowledge and content. Funnily even worst movie trailers are getting lacks of views but this video has posted 2 years ago and got only 34k views. I am a regular YouTuber but just 3 days ago I came across the video. I know java already but still I am watching all the lectures because they are worth watching. Moreover it is a free course. If it is paid also I would have paid $1000 easily. I want to thank you for your great efforts and the concern for society is highly appreciative. keep it up and have a long life sir ! PS: I think I have not implemented abstract concept while commenting here. Kindly look at the essential points and ignore the rest. :) Regards, Shravan

SharavanDev   Link

have 3 year in IT sector and know the concepts very well .. but ur explanation is so impressive that i could not stop myself to see ur complete tutorial... Thanks for such a interesting

G.Tapesh Shandilya

thankyou sir, the lectures are excellent. their is just a suggestion, if possible try uploading subtitles/captions of the videos. it would really help the people of other countries to know about your

Ankush Bali

Sir, You are my hero in the case of my learning OOP.... Thank You sir :)

Sourav Das

thank you,... i enjoyed your way of teaching and learned something.. i got what i am searching...

Vimal Kovath

hello sir, your lectures are just incredible. Initially OOPS was just very much irritating and confusing.After watching your video i got the confidence that i can master OOPS. I really admire the way

abirami ravi

Thanks a lot sir, generally I don't give good comments but the way you teach is remarkable and I couldn't stop myself from commenting. I am totally agree your point that several books or speakers speak OOPs in different fashion and increase the complexity level. I have learnt a lot and got a clear picture of OOPs ; same suggestion like Raghavan said in previous comment you could add some programming example. A request here to upload a video on Collection topic specially Map.

Arindam Mukherjee

Hai sir, This is first time that i am writing a comment for youtube videos because i like your videos and i see all the three video lecture. It help me to see programming in different angle.

Muhammed Thamjeed

Greetings Sir...., this is how OOPS concepts should be teach.... Thanks You Sir , Now OOPS is Crystal clear to me ...Thats really Great lecture Sir on OOPS, I have forwarded the same link to many of friends in my Selenium -Java Automation network, who are very new to OOPS and Java. And Sir, can you please provide 1-1 example on each OOPS in java programming . which will be very much useful for us to understand oops in java programming...


Amazingly executed! You are undoubtedly a pioneer of teaching Programming! i want to learn how to write "coding"" and "syntaxing" in OOP, can you teach it thoroughly,like the way you done here, With all Respect and Regards.

Ahmed Kamal

Sir, You Give Great Knowledge of OOP.. And Best of those who dont know oop and fop or pop.. nd ... what i want to say... sir great .

Gabani Romit

hello sir. I am a college student . Generally in colleges , they teach that , there is no much difference between c++ and java. they simply tell that both are of oop family.but the exact difference and how java is powerful than c++ , both are clearly explained in java All clear book. Thank you very much sir. I am enjoying the taste of java :) :)

Anudeep Kumar Nakka

by following ekalavya method of learning, any one can reach to greater heights in the software career. Any of the videos are excellent. In stead of reading so many books and get lot of confusion, it is best to watch these videos, study these books and to follow the guidance ravindra sir. I enjoy every word of ravindra sir's lectures.

hari babu Telaganeni

yeah it is very very very very useful :) thank you sir!!! wana more vid bout programming lang. lyk java etc...

sachin napit

Hello sir ur lecture is very clear where very one can easily understand.....thank you ! jai hind

sandeep reddy

Thanks a lot for such valuable and inspiring videos. Now I can better relate the pieces which I have learnt in my studies. I just read that you were planned to launch your own website, Can you please point me to your website please. Thanks a lot for great lectures, I am sure if students learn by this methodology they will understand it better and become very good programmers.

Mahesh patil

Sir, First I would like to thank you for handing over this powerful video lecture.Indeed you are a great teacher who can give in students' understand way and your lecture also become extraordinary..By the way,further lecture on OOPs will be highly appreciated about the programming codes and various examplery lectures....

Ameer Hjah

Awesome lecture sir. I'm referring your lectures to refresh my basics. You did a great job. Thanks.

Rahul Aakunuru

thanks a lot for u'r lectures sir., u'r aspirations are really inspiring., waiting for your new website. it is because of your lectures i moved towards programming. thanks a lot.

Laxmi narayana

Respected Ravidra sir, first of all i wish you a happy new year. Your videos are marvelous.simple and extraordinary way of teaching. anyone can understand it easily. new and unique style of teaching in your own newly invented style. i became your fan.very useful for all kinds of students Pls inform me when will you launch your website. thank you very much.

suman sagar

Thanks a lot sir I like your lecture. A small suggestion for you if you have some programming examples with outputs that will be a awesome lecture... The things which you teach should have some programmatic examples with output....Never mind its just an suggestion.

Raghavan Sirka

Got the importance of how to learn the programming Excellent clarity


This lecture really opened my eyesAwesome sir...i really got a better understanding. Thank you sir!!

Sathya Parthi

only thing i can say......people who watch this video will get to know about oops concept clearly THANK YOU SIR!

Ram Polaveni

Sir, I was wandering here and there to get the concept of OOP,finally i got it from you.Excellent and common example u given to explain the concept.THANK U VERY MUCH

Harisankar L

Hello Ravindra Sir, Thanks a lot for this informatical video. I have came across many videos, but none of them are as detailed as yours. I personally think you are the only person on YT! who is delivering lectures in depth for free of cost. What I have came across is people deliver good lecture, upload them on YT! and at the end they say to watch more opt for our Online tutorial package. I personally have a question, I have learned C (FOP) long time back in my engineering days, what i remember is bits of it. But as you have mentioned at the start of the video, that if you need to master any OOP's language (Ex. Java) you need to have knowledge of FOP? As i had mentioned i do have bits and bytes knowledge of FOP, would that help me to understand Core Java? I am into QA, and can't invest much time, so what do you suggest?.

Anandteerth Onkar

i liked your lecture a lot sir .. i hope that you give your lecture in future too.. and make everyone beneficial because of your lecture..but i suggest you that, it would be more interesting if discuss by solving problems and questions more and more. its just a suggestion sir. thank u very much.

Deepak Sahoo

Hello, I just started watching your tutorials and am thoroughly enjoying them and learning a lot. Thank you for your hard work and effort to share your knowledge and helping others. I am not able to download the JAVA ALLCLEAR book for some reason. Would you be able send the pdf version? Thank you.

Khalid Qureshi

Thank you very much Sir! I believe the system you have developed is perfect. Thank you for all your efforts!

John Raschedian

superb.....i cant say in words...how u r..explained..really...very nice..and u explained practically....i really..got..concept of oops...aftr watching this video...thanq...vrymuch..andplzzz....upload...more videos...sir....

AnushaDonapati    Link

... Perfection and hardwork is my moto. One thing i think i should share, i started programming because, i think it is something which teaches is how to think, and the happiness after seeing an output, its wonderful. By the way i find, our education system lacks something, just mug up something and write it down on paper. It not learning.. Sad though. But happy though there are people like you sir, making this society a better place for learning...

Ranbir Singh

Hi Sir, I am a PhD Student at AUT University New Zealand I watched your video on You Tube about FOP AND OOP and I am mesmerised by your teaching style. your teaching methods and examples are beyond my imagination. You are the first lecturer who create my interest again in programming please provide more videos to continue my interest in OOP in detail. if any charges applicable please let me know.One last question after watching video because your kindness, soberness and sweet talks I feel that you are a Vipassana mediator is it true.

Abhimanyu Singh Agarhwal    abhimanyugarhwal@gmail.com

dear sir i liked your lectures on youtube and found it extraordinary and in depth knowledge of every aspect of programming. I would like to have your notes.kindly send them

kumar    ramkumar.841@rediffmail.com

Dear Sir, The way you explain the concepts really it's wonderful. The concepts which you have taught here really helpful to everybody. Sir, I have one request.. Please give the real time programmatic examples along with lessons. The way you are explaining it's really superb..

padma Latha.S.Mogha@gmail.com

sir its really awesome, never found this subject so interesting before.. please let me know where can i find the remaining lectures of oops

Ameen Khan

Sir, Ive seen your old OOP video. It was brilliantly explained. Thanks again for providing the 2015 version of the same with in-detail explanations and separate tutorials for every feature. ...

Malathi M

I went through your youtube session on OOP's basic.It was really outstanding. Why I am using the word outstanding is because I studied from 2-3 books not was not able to understand the basic properly.But your session will examples and linking was outstanding. I really loved it and will give this links to my friends who are interested to learn OOP's concept. Sir I saw you reply to one of the user that you will be posting detailed session on OOP's by end of November.Sir please can you post is as soon as possible. Eagerly waiting for it. I hope for example it will cover the difference between static and instance methods and when and how to use in real time. Sir thanks a lot, you have shaped me in understanding the basic. I really loved it.Waiting for your next session.

Rupesh Marklin    marklin.rupesh@gmail.com

I have recently watched your programming videos which are awesome. A lay man can understand the concepts, i'm pretty much liked your videos.Recently i got the job in one of the IT companies in C#.Net technology. I joined as a Quality Analyst and recently moved(1 month ) to development. could you please suggested me how to proceed?

Narayana Reddy

Excellent. Thank you very much. I am working with FOP(Using C only) and was struggling to learn to C++, Java and C#. This tutorial helps me a lot to migrate from FOP to OOP by explaining basic information. Please let me know how can I go further to improve my skills with OOP languages other than C. Eagerly waiting for more videos from you Sir.

Sathish K

What a great teacher ! Such a structured presentation !This is exactly what the doctor prescribed !! Now, I can make some serious planning in my studies from home. A suggestion to improve the course would be a link to a site with assignments,exercises WITH solutions to test the concepts.


good lecture by the way...as i had been taught all these before, I can figure it frm your explaination that u damn nailed it....i had seen students, inspired frm your lectures,to be seeking for more lecture videos...hope u make it ASAP..and help serve our country well.

Parasara Sharma

Sir, You are a Genius and a Blessing to the world. I am based in the USA and Your system is the best I have come across so far in regards to software training. I had previously completed the core java training and watched many videos on youtube trying to find a deeper conceptual meaning of the language. It was not until I came across your videos that everything clicked. Thank you so much!!! Hello, I am going through the entire videos on your playlist and I am currently finishing up the Java videos. I was on video 4-15 and I just noticed that you have uploaded more videos. I cannot Thank you enough for being such a divine blessing. Project zone is amazing. Do you have a paypal account? I would like to "Buy you a drink" as we say here in America. Best Regards, I am currently going through this entire JAC training set, step by step as you instructed. After that I will move to the project zone. I will give you feedback when I get there. Your examples and illustrations are amazing. I have read many java books and watched many java videos from teachers all over the world but frankly you are the best at this.

Mamadou B

Hello Ravindra Sir !!! First of all, I would like to thank you for your sincere efforts in making the topics so simple and very understandable. I have listened to your FOP and OOP paradigm topics from end to end. You are an amazing teacher...I am really impressed with the explanations across all your video classes. The way that you related these confounding topics to the real life examples are really praise worthy. I believe that everyone who listens to your class videos would get benefited enormously. Thanks once again...

Praveen Kuthuru

Perfect lecture for those who don't have any previous programming background. I am from Electrical Engineering background, and I was looking for a good tutorial to understand OOPS concept, atlast I found it. Before that I read lot of lecturers, but I didnt clearly understand the concept. Thank you for this wonderful video,was really helpful. Thanks again, expecting more videos from you.

Karthika Mohan    Link

I loved and Enjoyed the lectures on both OOP concepts and the core Java Concepts and the Project Zone. I would say Ravindra Sir has put in lots of Efforts to come up with these lectures to help the Student Community. Java and Oops concepts have been a hard Nut to crack for lots of Students and Beginners. But When I watched the videos, My understanding about Java and Oops started becoming Clear. There are "N" number of books available in the Market but we lose patience at some time while reading through them. The Various real world examples given by Ravindra makes us Enjoy the Subject to its core. I appreciate the work Ravindra Sir has done and I wish him All the Best for all his Efforts in the Future. I wish All the Students Make Best Use of it to Brighten their Career.

Ganesh S M    Link

Sir first of all I would like to thank yor for you your efforts only for giving us a deeply knowledge of computer programming languages .I would like to know you that I was never a computer science student but only after watching your videos now I can say that I am a good programmer .so thanks a lot sir.

Ravi kumar    Link

Hello Sir, Thank you for uploading such a wonderful and easily understandable video. Definitely any one who is interested to become a computer programmer this is the place they need to start and that's what I am doing. Kindly let me know more details on how to get in to your Ekalavya system. I want to become an S/f programmer. Thank you and Good wishes.


It was awesome lecture. Very light in weight to understand the concepts of OOP. May be it'd be great if you can teach how to program easily.

Ravi TejaPuladas

Hello Sir I just started your videos and i must say that they are very good. I have referred many books,blogs but never found something as useful as this. I appreciate your efforts. Thanks a lot!

Vishal patel

Excellent. Thank you very much. I am working with FOP(Using C only) and was struggling to learn to C++, Java and C#. This tutorial helps me a lot to migrate from FOP to OOP by explaining basic information. Please let me know how can I go further to improve my skills with OOP languages other than C. Eagerly waiting for more videos from you Sir.

Sathish K

very good explanation sir.the way you are explaining the things with real time examples is awesome.and you need the students to think every concept as a real time one and compare with real time object is very good and fantastic idea.but my only suggestion is better to explain the things with programming examples too especially for oopfeatures.thank you sir.

Geddam Bhargav

Sir Pranam, U made me a fan in this very first video..... kindly be with me through the end.... I will work very hard all these 120 days...! Thank you very very much...!!

Rajat Tripathi

Sir, I was wandering here and there to get the concept of OOP,finallyi got it from you.Excellent and common example u given to explain the concept.THANK U VERY MUCH

Sankar L    Link

Ravindra,This is sudhakar. Your explanation is awesome. I am working as a software developer from few years. But till now I didn't get proper oops concepts definition. Today i am getting proper definitions. I read so many books but lot of confusions are there. But in your explanation all confusions are gone. Really i am so happy. I want some more videos related to advanced java concepts like Springs and remaining concepts like Multi threading and collection framework.

Velaga Sudhakar

Sir, Actually your teaching is very good and it would've been better if I had the access to these resources when I was in college. Because now I am in search of a job and couldn't manage my time to go through all your videos. My humble suggestion is, it would be nice if all this content is made available in a notes format, I mean in the form of a website with textual information as it requires less time to grasp the content. I am saying this just because it would save a lot of time for job seekers like me. Thank you.

Satrasala Yaswanth

Dear sir, First of all i thank you whole heartedly, What an beautiful explanation about programming. Im a tester but i got confidence to learn programming easily with your guidance. Please help me to get knowledge in JAVA Thanks..

Suresh N

Sir ,you are genious. Its really Very good the way you teach,Concepts stick to the brain. really your video watchin is worth. One have 0 knowledge can learn software programing and generate intrest in it watching your lacture.

Rajiv Dhami

Thank you so much for sharing these lectures. All concepts are very helpful for beginners. I would highly recommend for beginner to MUST WATCH all the series.. Thanks Ravindra for uploading all those.

Abhishek Pathak

Thank you for these tutorials. I've been learning web development for the past 3 months and It's a struggle. Your explanations made me understand a bit better when it comes to PHP OOP.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Sir, Your concept is very good for making Student employable. I'm following your channel...Daily i'm learning new thing here. For learning anything in better way, you need a lot of patience. So, Friends take patience and Learn OOP in better way.!!

Tanvir Rahman

Dear Sir,I have seen your video for the first time. I have gone through many videos regarding the same but none were able to keep me connected for the full length and believe me after 1:28 I have complete understanding of what OOP is and its features. I highly recommend this lecture to all aspiring OOP programmers.

Amit Jha

hi , sir it a great lecture. can you give notes on PPTs or DOC Or PDFs. and plz tell me before starting total topics covered . i want more on " development life cyclic of designing of software or hardware " , because of i have 2exp+ in embedded system , but i am unable to design or develop a project by own . i worked in small company , at there on scope for development. plz sir its helpful for all...thanks you.


Thanks for your reply sir..I'm very much eagerly waiting for your video classes..meanwhilei will share your lectures to my all friends who all are working and learning software. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3H-53kzMuA


After watching this video, i would like to convey my regards for ShRavindraji. This video was quite impressive, very clear & effective.It enlightening to design and plan the career in a realistic way which is most important. Dear Sir, I recently had a good fortune of watching your video on C Langauage& Programming (Three Lectures). It was very well taught and contained sound.You have a gift of teaching skills in truthful yet amusing ways

Pawan Kumar Dulipati

'Spoon feeding' ... this is what 'Ekalavya' series is all about... Spoon feeding of C, C++ and Java languages. All credits to 'Ekalavya' system... getting placed during recession was NOT so easy... Thank you Ravindrasir.

Ajey V L

Sir,I have been through your video lectures which are very much interesting..These videos are pretty good for one who wants to learn languages from basics which are most important for growth in career.


A big salute from my side to you sir. Your way of teaching is really superb.

Amit Kumar Bal

Excellent explaination of computer system... in a practical way... never explained before... good work Sir

Raza Ali Clipwala

READERS IMPRESSIONS(Some out of the hundreds) On C ALLCLEAR (First Edition - 2000)

Effective communication is vital while imparting knowledge. Ravindra's team has succeeded in this aspect through the book "C ALLCLEAR". The structure, organizing and presentation of the book is commendable. The author has shown extra care to avoid jargons and the technical terms used in the book are explained very well. The choice of words suits the intended audience. The book explains programming concepts sequentially with well illustrated examples. Beginners can test their programs and verify the results with the output presented in the book. Over all this book will help the readers to have an excellent start in the quest for knowledge in the computer domain. The translated versions in the regional languages will definitely help the citizens of rural INDIA. I would like to congratulate Ravindra and his team for the commitment and vision behind this book. I wish the good work is continued in the latest areas of technology and wish the team the very best of luck in their future endeavors.

Mr. VIBUDHENDRAN T.K. Consultant, Tata-Infotech, BANGALORE

C - Allclear is an innovative attempt at delivering knowledge in such a simple form. The lucid way in which the topics are explained, helps the reader get an holistic view of the basics of C at the end of the 30-day program. The real life examples aid the reader to associate his existing knowledge with learning of new things, rendering the whole process of learning a easier one. The spotlite demos provide an ideal tool to assimilate the acquired knowledge. To conclude in a nuttshell, the book is ideal for a reader who has very little or no knowledge of the sea called 'C'.

MS. SOUMYA ACHARYA, Software Engineer, Tata-Infotech, BANGALORE

I marked all columns with "EXCELLENT" in the Feed Back sheet, which is not at all exaggeration. As far as concerned to me it is KHURAN. I have taken coaching in C at a reputed institution at Guntur, but I was unable to understand and I lost hopes and almost all discontinued. At that juncture, I have gone through "C ALLCLEAR" and all most all my doubts were clarified. Now I got confidence.


This book is excellent. I was enjoying my study during the reading of this book. The quotations interested in some pages of the book are very good and stimulated me. Before reading this book, I thought that C is somewhat difficult. After reading this book, I felt that C is an easy subject and interesting to learn. Your step by step approach to introduce new topics in every chapter is good. Reminding the previous topics, when it is required to introduce / continue new topic is very good and feel easy to encapsulate the old topics without turning the previous pages...

Mr. Y.V.V. APPARAO, Lecturer-in Electronics, Tetallivari Street, PENUGONDA

The way of presenting the subject excited me very much. You have covered almost everything so as to make the book useful to both beginners as well as advanced users. Thank you very much for writing such an excellent book.

Dr. UDAY BHASKAR, MBBS, Sneha Clinic, Dasannapeta, VIZIANAGARAM

This book is useful to all the readers. The coverage of the most of the topics is excellent and informative. After reading this book, I am very much interested to read you C++, Java books.

Mr. G. SRINIVASA RAO, B.tech Executive Engineer, P.No.B-23, Writer Basti, KOTHA GUDEM

This book is simply superb. I am very much impressed with this book. Your efforts are very much appreciated. Your intention to promote computer literacy in Telugu is a boom to Telugu people so that they can understand the concept well and can develop their career using this book.

Mr. M. RAMA RAJU , MRCC, Naidu Street, SALLIR

This book is very very clear and excellent. There is no other word to say about this book. I am very very happy and hats off for your great adventure. I did not follow C in our B.tech studies. But now I have understood clearly from your book...

Mr. R. KRISHNA MURTHY, B.Tech., I-545, Amineni Street, MADANAPALLI

I joined an institution for learning C, but I could not achieve perfection. But this book helped me a lot to becomeperfect in C. This is very much helpful to people who are economically backward and who have not enough time to go to an institution.

Mr. L. MAHESH KUMAR C.A. (Student), 5-2-335-Hyder Basti, SECUNDERABAD

I was very much impressed with this book. The idea of writing this type of book is itself very great. No body need to write introduction about this book. Whoever reads a few pages in this book can understand your talent very well.


This book is a very powerful book, which is useful for countryside and rest. This book clarified many of my doubts and helped me to develop large programs.

Mr. K. JAGADISH , 10-1-23 MamillaGudem, KHAMMAM

This book is highly simple and presentation is lucid. It boosted my programming skills in C. It is also helped me to prepare for my examinations and to score high marks.


This book is excellent. The way of explanation and the examples are very good. The idea of publication of this type of book is excellent.

Dr. TIRUPATIRAJU, C/o. Navata Road Transport, YELESWARAM

I have known so many events from this book. The explanation given in the logic lands is very good. I greatly appreciate your efforts to bring out this book.

Mr. R.RAJENDRA, 18-1-588/C, Bhavani Nagar, TIRUPATHI

In this book, I have seen the manifestation of "EKALAVYA STYLE" really I enjoyed the reading of this book like an interesting novel not only learning C, this book has brought a revolutionary change in my style of thinking and way of behavior. All telugus are very much grateful to you for your outstanding work.

Mr. D. SUBBARAO S/o. Yanadi, Near Charminar Board, JANDRAPET

This is an excellent book. The advantages if this books are innumerable. "Spoon Feeding C to the branilips of students" is a unique device. The methods you devised in the book to improve the self-confidence of the readers are uncomparable.


This book is a unique experiment in computer literature. It enables a reader, who does not know alphabets in computer even to understand each and every concept beyond doubt. My awe towards computer education was vanished with this book. While reading this book, I am getting a feeling that somebody sat beside me and teaching the subject. Really this a distinctive book in Telugu literature.


The whole student community is indebted to you for your contribution through this wonderful book. Whatever I could not learn from many computer training institutions, I could learn by reading this book.


Many computer training institutions are exploiting student community in the name of computer education. But you offered this GREAT book, just for Rs. 195/- This reveals your commitment and service motive. I dare say that there is no single event in this book, in which I have a doubt. I will be grateful to your throughout my life.

Mr. N. MARUTHI , S/o. Baumaiah, working-Inspector, DHARUR CAMP

Instead of joining a computer trainig institution, one can better learn computer by reading this book and practice on a computer. After reading this book, my confidence level has been enormously increased.

Mr. P. GURUSWAMY , 19-12-279, Byragipatteda, TIRUPATI

Even though I am from Telugu medium, by reading the book, I could write my BCA exams very well. I am very much grateful to you for providing this great book with a low price.

Mr. P.S.S.S. REDDY , 63/6/27B, Dwarakanagar, KAKINADA


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