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TRUE I.T Placement Training

A Short-Term - Zero-based - Intensive Online Training for Students/Graduates of any Stream to transform as the Industry -Ready programmer...

Video Lectures

Concept -wise Lectures for C, C++, Core Java and Quantitative Aptitude in a Zero-based and Doubt-free approach.

Downloadable eBooks

Providing Unit-wise eBooks, with downloading facility - for Studying Concepts and Programs after watching the Video Lectures...

Learning Management System (LMS)

Intensive Training - Meticulous Monitoring and Certifications using the International Standards - Dividing the entire Training Program into One-Hour Study Units....

Project - Development Skills Training

The special module ProjectZone focuses on imparting Project-development Skills in 3 levels : Entry -Advanced & Real time - Enables you to enriching Programming Skills on your OWN...

Weekend Wonder Workshop (3W) Series

First -of-its-kind Module enables you to enrich your programming skills - Just 2-days of your Endeavour enables you to develop solid Projects in a formal manner...

Soft Skills Training

Imparting Zero-based Training through the LMS for enlightening your Business Intelligence, Logical and Arithmetical aptitude, which are the essential prerequisite qualities of a professional programmer...

Interview Skills Training

Specially focuses Subject - Oriented Communication Skills for facing Interviews effectively - The Special modules: Basic Pool, Concept Pool and Interview Pool also have been developed for this purpose...

Placement Platform

After completion of the Finishing Placement Training, we meticulously evaluate your Level of Employability - Place the Resume on this Platform for the Industry Exposure and enables you to choose a rewarding career...

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CareerSURE Finishing Program

" A Rewarding I.T Career is Just 120 Days Away From You "
This is not a Wish - You can make it as a Reality with 120 days of your Endeavour through our CareerSURE Program.
You can easily achieve this with our Daily Study Plan, Monitored by the
Ekalavya Learning Management System (ELMS).

(A New Course is Launched on 1st of Every Month)

Free Online Placement Trainings

C Placement Training

Master C in 40 days

Unique Features

  • Complete C - 300 Concepts
  • 400 Videos
  • 500 Programs
  • 50 Projects in 3 Levels
  • 10 Workshops

Java Placement Training

Master Core Java in 50 days

Unique Features

  • Complete java - 300 Concepts
  • 500 Videos
  • 500 Programs
  • 50 Projects in 3 Levels
  • 10 Workshops

Quantitative Skills Training

Master QS in 10 days

Unique Features

  • Covers 35 Concepts
  • 100 Videos
  • 500 solved exercises
  • 10 Business Domains
  • Realtime explanation

Weekend Wonder Workshops

Master Programming in Weekends

Unique Features

  • Truly Zero Based
  • Fast Track Training
  • Project Based
  • Professional Approach
  • Covers C, C++ & Java

First-of-its-kind 1-3-3 Integrated Programming Training Course
1 Course - 3 Languages : C , C++ & Core Java
Master 3 Languages and Acquire Corresponding Certifications through the Single Course...

Our You Tube Play Lists

One System - All of IT Career (About System and Strategies)

Understand about the System and Strategies of our Zero-based IT Placement Training Program completely before you make out your pragmatic Study Plan...

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How to Master OOP (Object Oriented Programming)

If you want to evolve as Professional Programmer, you must master OOP through JAVA. Implement the 5 steps in the roadmap for evolving as a Professional I.T Programmer...

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Master FOP (Function-Oriented Programming) through the C

This acts exactly like the Foundation and the Ground Floor of your Multistoried I.T career building. Based on this, you may build N number of stories...

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How to Develop Software Projects on your own

Through this playlist, you will learn the various phases in real time project development process. This knowledge is an essential prerequisite for prospective programmer...

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First-of-its-Kind 1-3-3 Integrated Training Program

This is the integration of 3 languages: C, C++ and Core Java with the corresponding 3 certification as a Single course, which empowers you to evolve as the I.T Industry-Ready Programmer...

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Weekend-Wonder-Workshop(3W) Series

2 Days of your endeavour empowers you to develop Software Projects in a formal manner - Projects development in C, C++ and Java. Parallelly- starting with the Zero-based C Workshop...

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Free Customized IT Placement Training Program - Exclusively for Institutions
Through this program institutions can impart placement training to their students, Subject to strict Monitoring and Reporting system.

Paid Products & Services

Videos Books (vBooks)

A Video Book is the combination of a Hard Bound Printed Book along with the Concept-Wise Video Lectures in the form of DVDs. This avoids the total internet cost as well as printing cost of study notes and provides numerous benefits. You will have invaluable asset on hand for reference...

Hybrid Books (hBook)

A hBook is the combination of eBook with the Concept-Wise Video links. This reduces the burden of downloading Unit-Wise study notes and searching for the concept videos on YouTube. For Students, who are used for learning through Online Books this is the most convenient medium.

Class Room Training

We are offering 2 types of Class Room Training
   1. IT Finishing Placement Training - 40 Days
   2. Weekend Wonder Workshops - 2 Days
If you are not tuned to online trainings and prefer inperson training and finish the training within the schedule period, this is the right option...




Soft Skills

About US

I.T Industry is in dire need of Industry Ready Programmers

I.T Career is the Dream of the majority Students

Yet many millions of Graduates are struggling to get their "First I.T Job"

This contrast encouraged K.Ravindra, a Management Professional to explore and started his endeavour to find a solution.

His first observation, complex programming logic explained in "English Books" is not reaching to the masses (educated in vernacular medium) encouraged him to develop programming books also in vernacular languages. His "C ALL CLEAR" was published in languages (English, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Tamil). This effort was widely appreciated by academicians and students.

Former president Dr. Abdul Kalam ji reviewed the system, on 16th February 2006 and appreciated : "This is an Innovative and Commendable Effort and a Boon to the Student Community".

In continuation of this effort and with an aim to develop a generic system , to transform any Student/Graduate as Industry Ready Programmer K.Ravindra developed this unique "Zero Based Learning System".

Dr. Abdul Kalam ji reviewing the books in Feb 2006

Ravindra with Kalamji


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