Are Software Jobs only for English Medium Students?
This is a Prevailing notion. But we want to  address this issue through our System and Strategies.
First, Let us analyze the Problem.  If an Aspirant is to be evolved as an Industry-Ready Programmer,

2 essential prerequisites are :

  1. Programming Skills and
  2. Subject-Oriented Communication Skills in English

Because of a lack of Command over the English Language, an aspirant can’t realize her/his dream. In order to address this Problem effectively,  we implemented the following Techniques :

  1. WebSeries Technology :

This is the Innovative Technology which empowers Students to enrich their Programming Skills from DayOne, which is not Possible in the Conventional Systems,
Please Watch the corresponding video, placed on the Homepage for the complete details.

 2. Hybrid Media of Instruction,

our Innovative style of Instruction is hybrid :  Both Telugu and English 
This helps them a lot to improve their understanding and Speaking Capabilities in English

3.  Identical Training Program in Telugu as well as English 

For example, we are Providing Python FeelGood WebSeries both in Telugu and English with the 100% same contents.
If Students study the English version after finishing Telugu Version, obviously they can achieve command over English Medium by the time of completion of their Python Course.
By  Watch the corresponding video (Python FeelGood WebSeries – Telugu Version), you will get 100% clarity over our System and Strategies