‘Seeing is Believing’

Since this is an Innovative System with multiple Unique Features, it may be difficult for many people to believe them. Without believing, you should not rely on it, because this is the matter of your Career.
But nobody can  force you to rely on this.
So we are providing you the Live-Proof for all the features, we promised, through the 1-Day Workshops for Python (in English & Telugu Media), Java and C (Separate Workshops). 
One-Day does not mean 24 hours, but it is only 6 Hours, that too, that is divided into 2 Sessions of 3-Hours each. They may be conducted in 2 Consecutive days, of 3 hours each.
We charge  a nominal fee of Rs 200/- per each Workshop.
In order to Join any one of these Workshops, you need to register your name online.
We announce the dates from time to time, and you may choose the convenient one.
You have to pay the Corresponding Fees at the time of enrolling your name. 

10 Unique Features

  1. No Programming Background is expected for attending this Workshop.
  2. The Participant can finish 10 solid Projects in this workshop.
  3. These Workshops not only imparting Programming, but also teaching Professional Programming Practices. It            empowers you to think like a Professional and Work like a Professional.
  4. These Workshops enables you to Understand and Own the relevant Concepts.
  5.   These Workshops drive away the awe towards Programming, which beginners normally have.
  6. These Workshops instill Interest and Self-Confidence in Programming in Students,  because of these                                unexpected and unusual achievements. And it helps them to enjoy Programming.
  7. We will provide you essential Prerequisites and the Corresponding Support, in advance, to all the registered              Students of the Workshops.
  8. After Completion of a Workshop, we will share the softcopies of the Programs, worked out in the Workshop              and Corresponding Recorded Video Lectures, for Free 
  9.  We will take only 50 Candidates for each Workshop, in order to provide more   focus on  individual Students.
  10. And finally, we assure you that you will get an amazing Programming learning experience through these                      Workshops, and Trust that it stands as the milestone in your Career.