Not only acquiring Programming Skills and Knowledge, Securing the Corresponding Certification is equally important for all Software Career Aspirants, because it stands as the testimonial for their Employability.
Instead of Preparing for local Certifications, focus on securing International  Certification, which carries more weightage in the Software Industry, because very very few candidates have international Certifications
Generally, University Programming Students are not aware of the International Standards and Certifications, and the role of their Weightage in Job Competition.
First you must know about them thoroughly. Regardless of the Subject, every International Certification exam Commonly focuses on the Intricacies in Programming, namely Conceptual intricacies as well as Programming intricacies and  frames all the questions on them. Sometimes a student may take more time than given time to understand a question, unlike in university exams. No question is asked in a straight-forward manner. 

You must know that you can understand international standards, only by writing the corresponding exams. That is why, we are providing you these practice tests, developed by using International Standards and Providing through our Online System, named Ekalavya Learning  Management System [ELMS], for Free.
For your information, you may write these online tests from the First Chapter of every course, which enables you to reach international standards practically, from the inception.

And we can offering you 100% Pass-Guarantee Training for the OCAJP [Oracle Certified Associate Java Programmer], which is highly renowned certification in the Software Industry, which gives 100% Guarantee for a bright Software Job, with a minimum starting salary of Rs 35000/- per month.