1. How is the Ekalavya universys is different from all other Systems?
    Our Prime Objective is to empower all Software Career Aspirants to evolve as a Industry-Ready Programmer and to secure a Bright First Software Job of your choice. Our basic model is ‘Zero-to-Expert’. In order to achieve this objective we impart only Following Training from the Inception, which focuses on the  Capabilities :
  1. Conceptual Command
  2. Programming Skills 
  3. Subject-Oriented Communication Skills 
  4. International Certification or the equivalent 

Just think analytically – Why do we need 2 stages of Training namely Normal         
Training and Finishing Training.

  1. How does WebSeries Technology help  Students to master Programming?

This is totally Innovative Technology, which we have introduced to derive multiple
advantages as, explained below :

  1. The entire Training of a language namely Python, Java, C, OCAJP or
    UPI is    divided into Training Sessions of 1 Hour duration. It helps
    Students to finish her/his Training according to a customized Study Plan
  1. From the Training Session – 1 onwards Students learn Programming
    right through Writing Programs. Analogically this is like learning
    Car driving, right through driving a Car.