I am Ravindra, the Founder and Developer of the System, named Ekalavya Universys : ‘One System –All of I.T Career’, Developed with 2 Prime Objectives:

  1. Programming for Studies for Every Aspirant
  2. Software Job for Every Graduate Aspirant (Both Engineering and Non-Engineering Graduates
    Our System and Strategies provide A2Z Support to every Student Aspirant to evolve as a Self-Made Industry-Ready Programmer and get a Bright First Software Job on her/his own
  • First, we provide the Live Proof to establish 2 Facts:
    1. Learning Programming is the Easiest
      among all Application-Oriented Studies.
    2. Securing a Software Job is the Easiest
      among all Professional Jobs.
    3. Positive Thinking always leads to Positive Results.

  • Empowerment and Elevation
    Our innovative WebSeries Technology, which is totally new to the World of Programming Studies, empowers Students to Master (Not Just Learning ) Programming, Right through Writing Programs from DayONE.
    Analogically, this is like Learning Car Driving – ‘Right through Driving a Car, One can learn Car Driving’.
    This Technology provides multiple advantages to Students, which are not Possible in the Conventional way of Training.
  • Elevation through International Certification
    Just acquiring Programming Knowledge and Skills is not enough to secure a Bright Software Job, without proper elevation. In order to enable students to acquire proper elevation, we are implementing International Standards in all our Courses, which empower students to secure International Certifications. The Certifications assure to secure a Stand out Position in Job Competitions and a Bright Software Job career of their choice.
  • Simply, we are aiming at empowering all aspirants to Secure a Bright First Software Job, Just within 100 Days. For this purpose, we are providing only 5 alternative CareerSURE Online Training Programs.

    Since our System and Strategies are totally unique, in order to know about them completely, please Watch the Mission Ekalavya – Manifesto Video.
    Video Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50Sen9dU1pY&list=PLQ1vEpscLn-s0jPS0IAigzNlPPuNabGKb&index=1&t=358s
    In this Video, you may find the Live-proof for all the Facts stated above, and the Roadmap to secure a bright Software Job, on your own.

    Are Software Jobs only for English medium Students?
    Presently this is almost true. We want to change the situation radically. For this purpose, We developed suitable Training Programs, which focus on dual aspects: Programming Language as well as English Medium.
    For Example, we released an online Training Program for Python in Telugu. The Program also provides support to develop command over English medium along with Python Parallelly.
    After Studying the results, We will develop the programs for other Indian regional Languages.